City of Thunder Fencing specializes in teaching the exciting and thrilling Olympic styles of fencing. We feature Epee, Foil and Sabre classes and private lessons. Classes and training utilize seven strips for bouting paired with our armory for equipment support for our members. Teaching is structure so that students can focus on the results they want. Students can fence for fun and exercise or take on competitive tournament fencing. Fencing is a great way to learn something unique, get fit at any age and enjoy the challenges of mastering fencing.


Coaches & Staff

David Ribaudo - Owner and Athletic Director, Epee Coach

Coach Bob Fiegel - Epee, Foil, Sabre

Coach Carolyn Grisham-Fiegel - Foil

Coach Lonnie James - Epee, Foil

Coach Chris Rose - Foil, Sabre

Coach James Compton - Epee

Coach Shelli Ribaudo - Epee


Epee Coach and Competitive Program Advisor, Olympian and World Champion

Seth Kelsey

Special Guest Coach and Advisory Members; Kelley Hurley, Courtney Hurley, Natalie Vie, Max Heinzer, Beni Steffen, Jimmy Moody

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City of Thunder Fencing

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